Google could start ranking websites based on facts?

Ranking websites based on facts

According to a report from New Scientist, Google want’s to start ranking websites based on factual information located on that website. Traditionally, one of the main ranking factors has been backlinks, where the quality of a site is determined by incoming links from other websites and thus it’s popularity. So a website that had many other websites linking to it would rank higher.

Google’s problem with this is that the internet is increasingly being filled with nonsense and just plain incorrect information. We’ve all seen it before – a fake news story spreads rapidly around the internet, only for it to surface as fake a few days later. Admittedly some are more believable than others.

The search giant has devised a way to determine the trustworthiness of the site, by counting correct facts and calculating a score for the page also known as the Knowledge-Based Trust score. This would then determine if a site should rise up the rankings, or be bumped down.

According to the New Scientist, this new ranking method would work by comparing a website to it’s Knowledge Vault. This is a large store of information automatically pulled from the internet that is widely agreed to be fact.

When you think about it initially, it does seem like a great idea. It hardly seems fair for sites with untrue information to get lots of traffic because of a ludicrous news story they posted which spread quickly, meanwhile someone who reported the correct and true story could go unnoticed. However, some sites such as “The Onion” are based solely on this sort of activity. How will this affect them? Would it be a bad thing?

What are your thought’s on this new clever algorithm? Are you all for it or do you think it’s a bad idea? Let us know below!

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