About Us

Enyx Solutions is a technology company based in Scotland. We provide IT services to home users and small businesses, where no job is too small. We specialise in computer repair, custom computer building, website design and hosting, network setup and diagnosis, server setup, data recovery, backup and storage solutions, media streaming and much more. We have a long standing history of building custom tailored computers to suit your every need and budget.


We also provide computer, storage and networking solutions to small businesses to improve the way they work by ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible when it comes to their systems, offering excellent customer experience. No matter if your a new startup or already have some systems in place, we will analyse your needs and put in place the best solution for you, at the best price possible.


Enyx is also proud to offer website design, creation and hosting services, where we can literally handle every stage of your website, even down to the content where we can professionally write all of the text and content on the site, which one of the hardest aspects of creating a website. Every website we do is optimised for local search results meaning you will get the most amount of traffic possible from web searches. Our website and hosting packages are very competitively priced.


We pride ourselves in taking the utmost care with every aspect of our service, ensuring that you as a client come first. Please get in touch to ask as about any queries you may have and have an informal chat about what we can do for you. We strive to be fast, friendly and affordable and would hope that you will agree.


Take a look around at the website to see the services we provide. If what your looking for isn’t listed, please give us a quick email or use the contact page provide. We would love to hear from you and can certainly have a look at your needs to see if we can meet them.